After arrival in Russia
– MIGRATION CARD will be given to you by the staff of Transport Company or by a Control Officer (in case you arrive by car). If this card is not given to you, please, demand it yourself. The migration card consists of 2 parts: A (Arrival) and B (Departure). You should fill in both parts and hand it over to a Border Control Officer together with your passport and other travel documents. Part A will be taken off and part B – stamped and returned to you for registration.
ATTENTION! Please do not lose the migration card. Registration is still obligatory for foreigners in Russia. It has to be done within 7 days after arrival in Russia.
ATTENTION! During the period of 2018 FIFA World Cup (25.05.2018 – 25.07.2018) a foreign citizen must register within 1 day upon arrival in Russia in the following cities: Kazan, Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Saransk during the period 25.05.2018 – 25.07.2018.
The documents required for the registration: passport, visa and migration card.
Please be also informed:
– if you stay at a hotel, the hotel will register you. Please, check it with the hotel receptionist.
The fee for the hotel registration is 2-5 EUR extra or free of charge (it depends on a hotel);
– you must be registered in each city (town) if you stay there more than 7 business days.